Sunday, December 5, 2010

HM Baby Collection

This Ah Moy is back with more stuff :)

2 pieces only!!
Size: EUR 80 (9-12M)
Size: EUR 86 (12-18M)
Dress material: 100% cotton

1 piece only!!
Size: EUR 80 (12-18M)
Dress material: 100% Cotton

1 set only!!
Size: EUR 86 (12-18M)
Dress Material: Exterior 75% Viscose, 25% Polymide
Dress inner lining: 100% Polyester 
Knitted Bolero: 93% Acrylic, 4% Polyester, 3% Metallised Fibre

2 pairs only!!
Size: EURO 16/17 (Able to fit foot length 10.2cm - 10.8cm) 
Size: EURO 18/19 (Able to fit foot length 11.3cm - 11.8cm)

1 set only!! (T-shirt & Vest)
Size: EUR 98 (2-3Y)
T-Shirt & Vest material: 100% Cotton

Email me at for the price!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lanvin who?

Thanks to my friend K, I now know who is Lanvin. If the source on wikipedia correct, Lanvin is a SHE. I thought Lanvin is a HE. Oh well..... but one thing I must say is her collection is damn CHIO! Not all but most of it. I'm saying this not because she's a designer (note: I have not even heard of this Lanvin prior to this - thanks to H&M constant blast of ads on TV leading to the worldwide launch of their collaboration). Even PAW is familiar with their ad now since we've been watching it a lot on TV.

On No23, which was the launch date, I took EJ out, braved the cold and join in the craze. I wasn't among the first few who got there. Got there after realizing that I could not even get online to SEE anything! Anyways, I quickly fed EJ breakkie (talk about being gungho), changed her and off we go downtown to checkout the collection.

I was amazed with the crowd management the store had despite the overwhelming response from the public. Each of us was given an armband to wear with time written, which indicates the time we CAN go into the collection area (the collection area had barricades and security guards all over not to mention the MANY staff who were working since 8am). You just have to be in the queue 5 mins before your time and you can into the area. Coooll!! And people are so nice and obedient!! Everything was soooo orderly. At first, I didn't know that we have to get the armband but this nice lady told me that I need to get my time armband before I join in the queue :( S**t, I thought. Another hour wasted??? No wonder I kept hearing the 'count down' announcement.

I would have taken pics of the crowd (there were TV crews there as well) and pic of my poor EJ's pram (loaded with lanvin's stuff and I was the ONLY one with pram) if I am an octopus (means I have more hands if you don't geddit :P).

Anyway, these are the loots I'm selling. Email me at for the price!

LIMITED EDITION!!! Lanvin for H&M Leapord Print Flower Clutch

Brand new, unused in original packaging (box). Be seen with Leopard prints for Fall/Winter 2010 collection!

LIMITED EDITION!!! Lanvin for H&M Iconic 3 Ladies Print (XS)  *SOLD*

Brand new, unworn with tag. Amazing details of beads, sequins and black and blue ribbons are used for this design. Although this is size XS (Euro 34), it can easily fit S sized ladies.

LIMITED EDITION!!! Lanvin for H&M Sexy Stocking Legs Tunic Shirt Dress (XS)

Brand new, unworn with tag. This is a very versatile top. It can be worn as a dress or t-shirt with leggings. Again, amazing details beads, sequins and black and blue ribbons are used for this design. Although this is size XS (Euro 34), it can easily fit S sized ladies.

!!!!!!!!WHILE STOCKS LAST!!!!!!!!